Who can benefit from treatment?

Anyone, no matter how active or inactive, and of any age, can benefit from Sports Massage and/or biomechanics, whether involved in sport or not.
It is a common misconception that Sports Massage only applies to athletes. Whether a plumber or Olympic runner everyone is treated individually.

Athletes currently involved with:

Footballers, Rugby Players, Divers, High Jumpers, Rowers, Squash Players, Powerlifters, Body Builders, Marathon Runners, Sprinters, Gymnasts, Tennis players, Cyclists, Triathletes, Swimmers, Basketball Players, Dancers, Skydivers, American Footballers, Ice Skaters, Orienteerers, Fencers, Sailors, Boxers, Golfers, Horse Riders, MMA Fighters

Other clients include:

Office Workers, Builders/Construction Workers, Painters, Carpenters, Electricians, Plumbers, Window Cleaners, Drivers, Gardeners, Military/Armed Forces, Teachers, Actors/Singers/Entertainers, Cameramen/Photographers, Nurses, Airline Pilots, Personal Trainers

Sports Massage is beneficial for office workers as it significantly relieves tension and helps to prevent work-related disorders.
For those who have more physically demanding occupations, Sports Massage can prevent injury and restore muscle imbalances.

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Vouchers are available for sports massage & pregnancy massage, biomechanics.

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