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Pregnancy is a very exciting and special life stage for a woman, and we are passionate about helping to support you during this time and beyond. Here at Elements we have an experienced pregnancy massage therapist based at our Salisbury branch.

Whether this is your first pregnancy or you have been there before, your body will be undergoing extensive change. Some of these changes you will be able to see, some you will feel but some will be working behind the scenes adapting your posture and lengthening muscles and soft tissues.

Our pregnancy massage in Salisbury aims to help support and ease your muscles as they adapt to your new posture and associated pregnancy weight gain, and to address any potential problem areas that are causing pain or discomfort.  It also provides you valuable ‘down-time’ to rest and regroup.

Pregnancy massage during pregnancy helps to reduce stress and fatigue and aids restful sleep, as well as leaving you feeling rejuvenated. And after the baby is born, post-natal massage can help do all these things as well as helping the body to heal and return to its pre-pregnancy condition (As much as it ever does!). With the new challenges of motherhood and the associated luggage you will probably now be carrying around everywhere you go, massage can help to relieve the tension and aches and strains in your neck, shoulders and back.

Hayley Porter, our pregnancy massage therapist based in Salisbury trained in Pregnancy and Post-Natal massage under the industry renowned Jenny Burrell of Burrell Education. There she learnt that to be involved with women at this magical time is a very important role and one that we take very seriously. During your treatment you will be comfortable, warm and covered with a sheet or towels throughout, with only the area being treated being uncovered. We will always work within your comfort and will employ a range of massage techniques tailored to you as an individual.


If you have any questions about pregnancy massage in Salisbury or would like any clarification please contact me and I will be happy to help.

Hayley Porter 

BA(Hons) Dip SRMT

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