Do I have to be an athlete to have a Sports Massage?

A. No – Sports Massage is named so as to differentiate it from other forms of massage such as swedish massage and Indian head massage, for example. It is a deeper, more specific, soft tissue massage treatment which athletes will find more effective than other massage, but it is equally as useful and beneficial for non-athletes.

How often should I have a Sports Massage?

A. This will depend on the individual and why they are having a sports massage. Providing there is no contraindicating condition, you can have a Sports Massage as often as you like. The more active athletes will have one daily, or every few days, to help them recover from their workout and prepare for the next training session. Some may have a fortnightly or monthly ‘maintenance’ massage to help prevent injuries or some may book in a weekly Sports Massage to help prevent build of stress and tension.

What should I wear?

A. There is no set dress code for Sports Massage, although we do ask that you wear underwear for your benefit. Usually you will be asked to remove clothing from the area being treated but you will not be asked to remove underwear. A towel will be used at all times to cover surrounding areas to keep you warm and comfortable.

Does Sports Massage hurt?

A. Some forms of massage, which you may well have received, are superficial (on the surface of skin) and very relaxing. Sports Massage techniques are applied deeper to manipulate soft tissue more effectively. This means you will feel the techniques but it should not cause you to tense with pain, as this has little benefit. You will always be asked for your feedback so that pressure is not uncomfortable.

What If I am unsuitable for massage?

If, during the consultation, it is believed that you have a contraindication meaning Sports Massage would be unsafe, advice would be given relevant to the individual. This may include referral to another healthcare practitioner or recommendations before returning for a Sports Massage session. The therapist reserves the right to refuse massage if they believe it is unsafe to continue. This is for your health and safety above all else.

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